What Are The Benefits Of Sitting On A Ball At Work?

If you have been sitting on a normal chair for long hours every day while working at the desk, you know how bad this working habit can be for your back. This is especially true for those who work with computers all day while sitting at their desk as the pain tends to get worse each day.

How can an exercise ball chair help you?

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A yoga ball chair can help you sit up straighter; relieve lower back pain, neck pain, leg pain. and strengthening your core muscle group. It can also be used anywhere–at the office or at home. Because of its ergonomic design, most people use it to improve their posture because it can help straighten your spine and give you a healthier back.

It can also make your working environment fun and help you squeeze in a few extra minutes of exercising time into your daily schedule. Whenever you need to take a quick break, simply perform your favorite exercise ball workouts without leaving your work station! These chairs take up no more space than a conventional desk chair and they will allow you to enjoy micro-workouts throughout the day, improving your overall well-being as you enjoy better productivity.


What kind of exercises can you do on an office ball chair?

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There are many types of exercises you can do with the ball chair–crunches, leg lifts, and many other exercise ball workouts! Alternatively, you can simply remove the ball from the chair and use it separately for core workouts, stretching or as a Pilates balance ball.

Can I use a stability ball chair to improve my child’s posture?

Absolutely! There are many smaller ball chairs that are designed specifically to protect your child’s back! In this age of information where children are required to use the computer for all sorts of tasks such as learning and entertainment, protecting their back health has never been more important.

How do I know if my ball chair is set up correctly?

To ensure that you have set up your ball chair properly, make sure that the ball is close enough so that you don’t have to lean or reach too far forward to work at your desk. If you find that your hips are higher than your knees when seated, you need to deflate the ball or lower the seat until your legs form a 90 degree angle.

In the beginning stages, you might find sitting on ball chair uncomfortable and distracting. If that’s the case, you might want to use your ball chair in conjunction with your regular office chair and switch between the two at your convenience. It does takes a bit to getting used to, but once your body has become accustomed to sitting on a ball, you will experience fewer lower back problems.

What kind of yoga ball chair should I buy?

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

To help you decide the best ball chair, please take a look at our top yoga ball chairs first. Not all yoga ball chairs are created equally. Some will be more durable, some can hold more weight, and others are simply designed to be compact and lightweight. Nevertheless, replacing your regular chair with one of these ball chairs is a great way to improve your posture and straighten your spine.

Some people prefer to sit on chair that has armrests. If that’s the case with you, you might want to check out this exercise ball chair with armrests. Additionally, only a few chairs have adjustable features. If you need an adjustable balance ball chair, check out the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair and Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair.

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