Are you an authorized online dealer?

Yes. We are an authorized affiliate of Amazon.com. Payment and shipping is handled by amazon.com. If you need help returning an item, visit their customer service page.

When will I receive confirmation for my purchase?

Upon purchasing, you will receive a confirmation notice by email from Amazon.com.

How long does it take to get my purchase?

Unless otherwise stated, your order will usually be shipped within 2 business days of your purchase.

Will I be able to track the status of my purchase?

Right after your payment is processed and your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation and tracking link so you can keep track of your order.

Do you have an online catalog?

We highly suggest that you check out the best yoga ball chairs review first to help you make a better buying decision. You can also visit our online store to browse our products.

Do you have ready stock?

Unless otherwise noted, all items are in-stock and ready to be purchased immediately.

How tall is a yoga ball chair?

Because each yoga chair is designed differently, they come in various heights. For further information, please visit the product page.

Is a yoga ball chair the same height as a normal chair?

Depends on the height of the table and the height of the person using it, in most cases they are usually about the same height.

Can the ball be removed and used separately as a normal exercise ball?


Is the ball included with the chair?

Unless otherwise stated, yes.

Is there a weight limit?

Most yoga ball chairs have a weight limit of 300 pounds unless otherwise stated.

Does the chair come with an air pump?

Yes, the air pump is included unless otherwise stated. Please note that it takes about 10-15 minutes on average to fill up the ball if you use the included air pump.

More questions?

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Best Working Chair!

I'm really glad I found your site. Your comparison chart has saved me lots of time, headache and back pain!

 Prindiville Janeen

We're Loving It!

Thank you so much for your help. Shipping was fast and the chair is surprisingly comfortable!

 Sharee Covitz